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Run Forest Run - Gosford 10K Trail Race

After being postponed last week because of the snow and ice, the Born 2 Run Gosford 10K trail race got the go ahead yesterday with slightly better weather. This race was to be the most popular of the series, with 473 runners looking to get a good time on quite a flat course. After the hills that we had to slog up during the Kilbroney 10K Race, the promise of less climbs seemed to have quite an appeal.

My girlfriend decided to join me on this race as she is also starting to train for a half marathon. She hadn't registered online, instead we arrived early as walk in registration was available on the day. We'll be doing it online for the next race as it costs an extra £5 to register on the day, due to admin costs.

Born 2 Run Gosford
473 runners ready to go..

Born 2 Run - Run Forest Run

The car park was right beside the start line which certainly helped with our warm up. It mainly involved the fan heater on the car being used while we poured our energy drinks into our water bottles. Upon registering you are given a sachet of a High5 drink, which has become my favourite sports drink. It tastes lovely, is easy on my stomach and seems to keep my energy levels up. I'm now using this on my long training runs as well.

Before starting the race I had two main goals in my mind:

  • To get a time of under 50 minutes
  • To place in the first 100 finishers

I'd been doing a good bit of training since the last race, so I was hoping to achieve both these.

Gosford 10k Trail Race

As the air horn was sounded to start the race, I realised that again I had started too far back from the starting line. I was trying to stay composed and not begin the race too fast, but I was overtaking a lot of people for the first half mile, while still running at a comfortable pace. So next time I will start further up the crowd.

Born 2 Run Gosford
My first public wearing off my new tights. 

After the first minute of the race I discovered that I had not turned the volume down on my RunKeeper app. This meant that every minute I, (plus everyone around me) would hear details of my time, distance and pace being shouted at from my phone. After the third minute, I pulled over and muted the volume, as I didn't think this would be great etiquette for the entire race. This is what happens when I leave my headphones at home...

It did mean that I lost a fair few places as I stopped to fiddle with my phone. It took me about 2 minutes to catch up with the guy I was behind when I pulled over. I really hoped this wouldn't harm my chances of either of my two goals.

Born 2 Run Gosford
My girlfriend Sibby modelling my new jacket.

The race had quite a bit of tarmac for the first mile, before finding plenty of wet, muddy trails. It did nearly cause a few falls from what I saw, but at the same time it was great fun running through it all. There were a few hills early on, which were nothing like the last race, but still proved to be tough enough. But for every climb we had to overcome we were rewarded with immediate downhills which were very welcome in my mind.

I managed to get a good pace up after the second mile, overtaking quite a few people while only a few overtook me. There are great manners being displayed on these runs, with runners making way for those that want to get past. It is a very friendly bunch that attends the Born 2 Run races..

Getting Lost During The Run

As I didn't have my headphones, I wasn't sure how far I had run, relying only on the km markers that were spread over the course. I somehow misread one of them, thinking I only had 1 km left to go, and with that I picked up the pace for a very strong finish. About five minutes later I found that this was not the case, and that there was still another 2 km left.

Thankfully I hadn't used up all my energy, and after getting over the fact that I had made a bit of a mistake, was able to keep going at my increased pace. I was running with a thinned out crowd at this stage, when one of the runners ahead missed a turn and had to come back on himself after being shouted to.

My girlfriend also made a similar mistake, somehow managing to run a very impressive 11.2 km instead of the 10 k. She still doesn't know where she went wrong, but her RunKeeper map looks quite different from mine. Another girl in her group of runners also made a mistake and started running up a hill she wasn't supposed to. That's maybe something that could be looked at before the next race, as getting lost never helps with personal bests.

Born 2 Run Gosford
I should really learn to smile at times like this

The run to the finish was exciting with myself and two other runners overtaking and re- overtaking each other for the final few hundred metres. I think I finished behind them both, but I managed a time of 47 minutes 39 seconds. While I was extremely happy with my improvement in my time, I still didn't make it into the top 100, missing out by 15 places. Maybe if I had sorted out my RunKeeper before the race it would have been different, maybe not.

When we had both finished (she was a bit longer than me, after taking her detour), we made our way over to the crowded registration room where the winners were being given their awards when we arrived. Thankfully there was still curried soup being served with wheaten bread. Absolutely gorgeous, made even nicer by the run we had both done.

Born 2 Run Gosford
The best soup ever..

When I got home I decided to give the ice bath a miss, instead just using the foam roller followed by a hot shower. I made an egg white omelette for some protein, before starting to cook bolognese for dinner. It's one meal I can cook well, and went down a treat later on. The 952 calories I had burned off were soon replaced..

Post Run Fuel
Post Run Fuel

We both plan to run in the next race in a few weeks time. I'm not sure if the course will be just as fast, but I have learned that the Born 2 Run races are a fun way to spend a Saturday morning. I wrote about racing in my Racing While Training For A Half Marathon post, and how it can help you with training.
I'll be working on my pace a bit more over the next few weeks, so I hope I can maybe squeeze into that elusive top 100.

Today I aim to do nothing only complain about how sore my legs are. Normal training should resume tomorrow.. :)

If you want to keep up with all my training as I try to get a sub 1.25 half marathon, you can subscribe by entering your email either on the sidebar or at the bottom of this page. Don't worry, there isn't any spam or anything like that, just a weekly update on what I've been up to.

Hope you are having a good weekend,

Half Marathon James

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