Thursday, 29 January 2015

Snow Stops Running

We aren't as used to snow in this country compared to others, so when it falls it seems to disrupt everything in our lives. I woke up this morning to find my car looking like this..

Snow on my car
The window wipers had a tough job ahead of them..

It was a slow drive to work to say the least as I never went over 30 mph. Sorry to the two cars behind me, but you should have left a bit earlier. I'm not going to risk crashing because you didn't get out of bed when you should have..

Bin Lorry in snow
Martin giving us all a wave..

Work was like a workout in itself today. The snow was halfway up to my knees in places, which made walking through it tough going. When we were pulling the bins to the lorry they dragged all the snow that was in front of them. It was like a manual snowplow, making little walking paths from every bin we lifted.

Bessbrook snow
My view at work today..

It did look nice by the afternoon though. However, by the time I got home I was cold and my clothes were soaked. It started snowing again, so any outdoor running was out of the question. It was also coming down heavily, so my back up plan of driving to the gym to use the treadmill was also not going to happen.

Treadmill Running

I need to start using the treadmill on days like this, but I didn't want to have to abandon my car. It might seem a bit far fetched, but half my town seemed to have left their cars parked at the supermarket car park last night.

The treadmill isn't to everyone's taste, but it does have certain advantages:

  • It isn't affected by the weather (unless you can't even get to it)
  • It is useful for running at an exact speed.

Last night I talked about what pace I need to run for a sub 1.25 half marathon, and I really need to improve on this. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get up to the gym and get a few fast paced miles done.

Tonight I did manage to do the Insanity Recovery DVD, in the warm comfort of my own kitchen. It's great for stretching my muscles and getting blood pumping around them, something which should improve my running.

Didn't look great... tasted lovely though. 

And then I finished off today with some Italian style, slow cooked beef with roast potatoes. I guess it makes sense to have some nice winter warming food on a day like this..

I hope the weather isn't affecting your running this week...

Half Marathon James

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