Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The Next 10K Race

I run my next trail 10K race in just over 10 days, which gives me a bit of time to assess where I'm at and how to improve my running over this distance. I ran a trail 10K race a few days ago with a time of 52 minutes 16 seconds, which wasn't that fast, but there were some very unforgiving hills slowing me down.

Thankfully the next race will be on flatter ground, so I am hoping for a time of under 50 minutes, and possibly even a top 100 finish. But I won't be able to achieve either of those things without a bit of training.

How Good Is My 10K Running?

On the evidence of my Kilbroney Park Trail Race, I am fit enough to get around the 6 miles without stopping. And I know I can make it up hills, even though I'm not overly fast at them. That is my second race in a few months with a time of under 54 minutes.

My actual pace is hard to know as there was such uneven slopes. I'll have to work that out in the next week.

My Training Plan

I went for a trail run with my dog Sheldon yesterday, where we covered 4.45 miles in 50 minutes. This included a few drink and toilet stops for him, and we climbed over 870 feet. There were a few bits where I walked uphill, but it provided excellent training for my legs. Running downhill always makes up for it.

My trail run
Sheldon making his way downhill..

Tomorrow I'll be doing my 2 mile challenge up my road. I want to get this done in under 15 minutes, as so far my fastest time on this route has been 15 minutes 45 seconds. This will be a good way of improving my speed, my breathing and also hill work as there are plenty of inclines along this road.

At the weekend I'll go for a long run, but this will be on flat ground. I might even go to the tow path along the canal as I know there aren't any hills on it. I'm not sure how far I'll run, but it could be over the 6 miles.

Next week I will repeat my training with something similar, but I'll be racing on the Saturday.

Half Marathon Training

After this next race I'll be starting my proper half marathon training. I am at a better level of fitness than I was on my first day of training for my attempt last year, so hopefully I'll be able to complete my first sub 1.25 half marathon at the Larne Half Marathon in March.

I've got a couple of 10K races between now and the end of February, so they will be a good way of testing how my training is coming along. They also push you on the day, so are a great way of improving your running. I would highly recommend finding a trail or road race close to you and entering it.

Your half marathon attempt will thank you for it later

Half Marathon James

 Follow me every step of the way to a sub 1.25 Half Marathon

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