Saturday, 31 January 2015

Treadmill Race Pace Running

The snow has stayed in Northern Ireland for another day, and while the roads are safe (ish) for driving, I still wouldn't risk running on them. I really don't want to break a leg this early in the year.. It probably wouldn't do my half marathon time much good..

Bessbrook snow
The fields looked nice, the roads were just dirty grey slush.

So after work, and a couple of hours of afternoon sleeping, I jumped in the car and headed to the gym. This was to be my first time on a treadmill in well over a year.

Treadmill Running

I'd missed a session yesterday, so I'd been looking forward to a good fast session all day. I wanted to get a speed session done as I'm concerned about my current pace. I wrote about the speed I need to run at in my What Pace Do I Need To Run A Sub 1.25 Half Marathon post, and I'm way off it at the minute. Using a treadmill is a good way to work on improving this.

Treadmill Race Pace
Enough calories burned on the treadmill to eat a nice dinner..

The first 10 minutes was a warm up, starting at 6 mph and working up to 7 mph. Once I hit the 10 minutes, I sped up to 10 mph which I maintained for 1 mile. After this I jogged at 7 mph for half a mile, before running at 10.1 mph for 1 mile.

After this I was out of breath and my legs felt like jelly. I did a four minute cool down before stretching for a good ten minutes. I thought I was going to faint at one point. I had definitely pushed myself this evening.

I Have Ran At My Race Pace

I can take a lot away from tonight's training. I am glad that I was able to sustain a 10 mph pace, even though running on a treadmill is slightly easier than running on a road surface. I may have only ran 2 miles at this pace, but as it's only the second week, I'm happy enough. I'll try and get another session on the treadmill before next Saturday's 10K race. Hopefully in that session I'll manage to do 3 miles or more at that pace.

It's going to be tough to keep that pace going for 13.1 miles though. It will be very tough indeed..

Post Workout Treat Meal

Since it is a Friday night, and I'm not really drinking alcohol these days, I thought I'd treat myself to a burger. I'm still paying attention to what I eat, so it was a butcher's steak burger, cooked at home. As far as misbehaving on a Friday night goes, this wasn't too bad.

Healthy Burger And Chips
A (sort of) healthy Burger And Chips

Tomorrow I'll be having a bit of a recovery day, and I'm not even sure I'll do a long run over the weekend. At the minute it's all about getting the speed up, and I can probably afford to miss a long run session.

Well, that's my excuse anyway... :)

Half Marathon James

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