Sunday, 22 February 2015

Return Of The Running. Sort Of

For those of you who regularly read my blog, you may have noticed that I have been absent from the website for the past two weeks. I have also been doing minimal running. I apologise, but I do have my reasons.

I'm going to start today's blog with a picture of my Mum's cat, who somehow rests in the "I'm falling from a tall building pose".

Funny cat
Harvey making his first appearance on the site.

My First Park Run

One of my Running Goals For 2015 was to start taking part in Park Runs. Park Run is a free 5K, timed run that takes place weekly around the UK. All you need to do is register at their site , and then print off a barcode which you bring with you to your nearest free event.

I only decided to run that morning, so I didn't register, meaning that I didn't get an official time. I also arrived late, only approaching the start line as the whistle blew to start the race. After fiddling with my RunKeeper for 30 seconds, I finally managed to start, with the full crowd already beginning to go out of sight.

I probably started a bit quicker than I should. And because I was late I had managed to miss the pre race talk, and directions around Wallace Park in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. It turned out to be quite a simple course of three and a half laps of the park, with a few hills thrown in for good measure. It did not feel as easy as I had expected.

While I was late, my brother arrived even later. He not only started late, but had brought his daughter Scarlett with him. He pushed her in her buggy for 5K and managed to come in 55th place out of 117 participants. I guess that also puts her in 1st place for her age category?

Scarlett after finishing her first 5K run

I finished in 30th place with no official time as I hadn't registered. All I know is that it was faster than 23 minutes 33 seconds. I have since registered, so next time I should get an official, and hopefully faster time.

Sheldon manages to stay focused, before wanting to meet every other dog in the park

While I was out running, Sheldon spent 23 minutes 33 seconds in the car (with the window open), before being treated to an hour of enjoying the park himself. It was a good post run cool down for me anyway, being pulled everywhere by Sheldon's eagerness to explore everything.

If there is a Park Run near where you live, I would recommend getting involved. They are for everyone, no matter what level of running you are at. They are free. They are good experience. They are fun. And they are an excuse to spend a morning in the park with your dog and your niece.

Half Marathon James

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