Monday, 18 May 2015

Massive Reduction In Calories With A Few Small Changes

I read tonight that carrying two pounds of extra fat can add over 12 seconds to running a 5K race. This actually makes me optimistic about getting a sub 20 minute 5K race soon, as I have plenty of excess fat to get rid of.

In fact, if I could get rid of all my excess fat, Mo Farah would have to start worrying about me overtaking him at this year's Great North Run.. I weighed myself this morning, and the digital display was not being nice to me..

Overweight Half Marathon Runner
197 lbs? Oh dear...

However, I will just look at it as another starting point, and hopefully I will see a nicer number looking back at me before this Saturday's 5K Parkrun.

No Chocolate Or Beer Please. I'm A Runner Now

Last night I talked about how I was going to give up chocolate and beer for a while, replacing them with fruit and a chocolate protein drink. I can report that so far, so good. Not only have I reduced my calorie intake for the day, I have increased my protein, vitamin and good nutrients. I've also saved a bit of money, which I always like to do. 

Biscuits vs protein drink
The biscuits contain more calories than the protein drink. 

The calories that I can consume just by eating chocolate and beer is horrendous. Don't be fooled by the picture above... I would never stop at three chocolate biscuits. I would quite happily finish a packet within ten minutes of opening them. I ate two packets on Saturday. I suppose I do have a bit of a problem..

The calories saved by staying off beer is both alarming and impressive. Three tins of Guinness (or most other beers or glasses of wine) contains more than 600 calories. A 5K run would not burn that off. Like I say, it's slightly alarming, especially as it's very easy to drink after a hard day or a run. 

Another 5K Run Completed

I went for a 5K (3.12 mile) run this evening which would also have helped my weight loss objective. I ran at a slow pace for 1 mile, then the 2nd mile was a fast pace for 1 minute, followed by a slow recovery jog for 1 minute. I did this until I reached the 3rd mile, where I just ran at a slow pace to finish the loop and take me home. 

Running Selfie
I always make time on my runs for a running selfie...

The weather here has been quite unpredictable, but I did manage to stay dry for the duration of the run. The picture below shows how the different areas of sky were bringing sunshine and rain. Before I left, we also had some hailstones. The joys of outdoor running in Northern Ireland I suppose... 

On returning home I made some butcher's sausages with plenty of vegetables, garlic, chillies and sweet potato. There may have been a bit too much cheese on top of the potato topping, but I can only give up so many things at a time. Perhaps as I get closer to the Great North Run, I'll be a lot stricter with my diet.

Post Run Fuel
Lots of goodness, topped with lots of cheese...

Great North Run 2015 Reminder

I received a T-Shirt from the Great Run Series this afternoon, which I forgot I'd ordered. I guess it's a good way of reminding those who have entered that it's time to lace up the running shoes and get out running. Somehow, I manage to fit into a medium size shirt. 

Great Run Series 2015 T Shirt

Great Run Series 2015 T Shirt
And back...

Bann 10K Race

I'll be taking a rest day tomorrow, as I have a 10K race on Wednesday at the Bann 10K road race in Banbridge. I have no idea what time to aim for, as I haven't been running many distances like this in a while. It's also a course with a lot of unforgiving hills. I'm not expecting a 10K personal best, but I would like to get under 50 minutes. My fastest 10K time since I started this website, was earlier in the year at the Rossmore Born 2 Run 10K Trail Race.

I'm going to have a short session on the foam roller now, before making myself some tuna sandwiches for work tomorrow. I'll be throwing in a few apples as well, just to help me keep away from the chocolate. It's a daily struggle... 

Half Marathon James

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