Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Getting Ready For The Lisburn 10K Race

Tomorrow night sees me running another 10K race, this time at the Lisburn 10K. While it's all part of my training plan for the Great North Run half marathon, I still would like to see some improvement in both my 10K time, and also my race tactics.

Improving My 10K Time

My last 10K race was last month at the Banbridge Bann 10K, where I actually got a personal best for that distance. While it was nice to know I've been improving, I still need to get faster to get closer to the Pace Needed To Run A Sub 1.25 Half Marathon.

Thankfully, tomorrow's race is on a flatter course, so I'm looking to run a faster race on that factor alone. In my training I've also increased my long run distance, had a few interval/tempo runs and ran a few more 5K Parkruns since running the Banbridge 10K.

Still Too Heavy To Run A Fast Race

The only thing I'm not really happy about is my weight. I was hoping to be quite a bit lighter for tomorrow's race, but it doesn't seem to want to come off at the minute. Although me not wanting to stop eating chocolate and drinking beer may be hampering my weight loss slightly. I can blame nothing other than my weakness for these two lovely things. I really am going to have sort this out soon.

Running A Sub 44 Minute 10K Race

I started the month writing my Running Goals For Month 1 Of Half Marathon Training in which I said I wanted to run a 10K in under 44 minutes. If I have a good race tomorrow, I should be getting close to that time, especially with a flatter course.

Hopefully my new headphones will have arrived, so I'll be able to get two minute updates on my running pace with Runkeeper. I need to be running at about 7 minutes per mile to get a sub 44 minute 10K. That's a bit slower than my Parkrun pace, but quite a bit faster than the pace I've been running during longer runs.

My plan is to start quite close to the start line, but to take it easy for the first mile or two. I'd rather finish strong, than to hobble over the finish line. I'll try and get a proper warm up before the race, as it seems to help with my last few Parkruns. It should also help prevent any injuries.

Summer evenings are nearly here in Northern Ireland..

The weather has been kind to us in Northern Ireland for the past week or so, hopefully it will continue for a few more days. I'd far rather run in the sunshine than run in the rain..

4 Mile Slow Jog

Running Along Flat Towpath
Running Along A Very Flat Towpath

Last night I decided to go out for a slow 4 mile jog along the towpath. It was more about just keeping my body ticking over, rather than trying to tire it out. I drove to the car park so I wouldn't have to climb any hills. I wanted this to be a very easy run indeed. The average pace below shows that...

My pace was slow, especially for the first mile or two. I took a few running selfies, but the main thing I noticed was how fat my face was looking in the pictures. I fear a strict diet may have to come into play soon. Training, it would seem, is just not enough.

Run Fatboy, Run
Run Fatboy, Run

After finishing I called up to my brother's house. He'd texted me to say a nice post-run lamb curry was waiting for me. It was lovely, but they say there's no such thing as a free lunch. They would be correct.

Post Run Lamb Curry
Post Run Lamb Curry..

My cool down was helping him put a fence for two hours. I think it actually took more out of me than the run. Still, he's now got his back garden fenced off, which means that Sheldon can now come up with me, and I don't have to worry about him running off.

I made half of this fence.. 

After my Running A Bad Race at the weekend, I'm making a few changes this evening. There's been no beers for a few days, which shouldn't really be drunk approaching a race anyway. I'm also just having chicken and rice tonight, rather than the minced beef I had at the weekend. It's an evening race tomorrow, so I'll make some lunch for tomorrow tonight. I'll drink plenty of water, and try to get to bed early tonight.

I need to really push myself tomorrow night if I want to get a sub 44 minute 10K, so all these little things should help. I just wish I didn't still weigh over 190 lbs. I guess that will be what I need to work on before the next 10K race....

Half Marathon James

What is your best 10K time?
What do you like to eat the night before a race? 

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