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Lisburn 10K 2015 Race Review

Last night I continued my half marathon training with a 10K race at the Lisburn 10K. It was a bit of a trip down memory lane, as not only did I go to school(s) in Lisburn, but I also ran this race 29 years ago. That was my first ever race, when I was 7 years old.. I'd like to think I've improved slightly since then...

The Lisburn 10K was another early evening race, and the weather was nearly perfect for running. It was still quite warm, although there was a few parts of the course where the wind picked up. Every year I've done this race it always seems to get good weather, so I was glad the rain stayed away.

Lisburn 10K 2015
My first race without a hat. And look at the state of my hair...

I also ran with just my t-shirt on for the first time this year. Every other race I've taken part in, I've been wearing a few extra layers, and quite often a hat too. I was very glad I left these off on this occasion, as I soon warmed up after a few miles.

Half Marathon

There was a big turnout, with over 3,000 runners having the option of a half marathon, 10K or the 5K fun run. My brother was running the half marathon, which he was hoping to finish in under 1 hour 25 minutes. It must be a family thing...

I was doing the 10K race as I want to work on my race pace for the Great North Run. It's about 12 weeks until I travel over to Newcastle Upon Tyne to take part in it. So not only did I want to improve on my last race at the Bann 10K, but also start trying to get my minutes per mile closer to my target pace for the Great North Run. I need to be running at under 6 minutes 20 seconds per mile if I want to get a sub 1.25 half marathon.

Lisburn 10K 2015
The Lisburn Half Marathon starting.. we started 15 minutes later

The half marathon began 15 minutes before the 10K, which is a great way of reducing congestion at the start. I used the time between the starting guns to do a bit of a warm up, something which I'm only really starting to take seriously recently. I bumped into a few friends while getting ready, so the warm up maybe wasn't as long or as thorough as it should have been.

I had rested the night before, and had an easy jog on the Monday night. If you want to read about my preparations, check out my Getting Ready For The Lisburn 10K Race post.

Lisburn 10K 2015 Race

After the slow start I'd had at the Bann 10K, I decided to start much closer to the starting line for this race. I didn't want to get held up for the first half mile again, as I was hoping to get under the 44 minute mark. It can be frustrating, especially as last time there were people walking in front of me...

Mile 1 - It turned out I should have made my way closer to the starting line. It was quite congested, with some slow joggers holding quite a few people up. It's starting to become a bit of a pet hate for me at the minute. I don't think there was much the event organisers can really do to stop this.  I'll just have to be aware of it, and move closer to the starting line from now on.

Mile 2 - I'd found my pace, settled in and was starting to enjoy the run after the busy start. The supporting crowds seemed to be out in force, and it gives you a boost with so many spectators cheering and clapping.

Mile 3 - At this point we started to leave both the town, and the crowds of supporters. The wind started to become a factor, blowing against us. The course was very well organised, with lots of marshals and water stations along the way. I'd actually brought my own Powerade drink tonight, which kept my thirst away, although after a while it started to become a bit sickly. This will be something else for me to work on over the next few weeks.

Mile 4 - The wind disappeared and was replaced by the heat of the evening Sun. I was glad I hadn't worn any extra layers this evening. I had bought wireless headphones which arrived in the post a few hours before the race, but I hadn't had time to connect them to my phone and get them fitted properly. So for all the runners that were running alongside me, I apologise for the half mile Runkeeper updates that were blaring loudly from my phone.

Maybe this was a pet hate of a few of the runners around me... Sorry

Mile 5 - This was my slowest mile (other than the slow start), and I found it quite tough to be honest. I'd started getting a stitch, and my feet were becoming numb. I'm not sure why my feet get numb, but my running shoes may need replaced. They've started to become quite worn down, so maybe I wasn't getting enough cushioning.

Mile 6 - I was very glad to be close to the finish, but it wasn't over yet. There was one final hill, which seemed to go on forever. Just before we started climbing it, there was another water station. I took a cup, and emptied the contents all over my head and face. This seemed to do the trick, as I started to pick up the pace immediately.

My First Sub 43 minute 10K

On the last corner, a supporter shouted that if we hurried, we were going to finish in under 43 minutes. I didn't have much left to give at this point, and did everything I could just to keep running. But as I saw the finish line, I knew that I'd beaten my previous personal best, and got under the 44 minutes. I actually finished in 42 minutes 47 seconds.

Lisburn 10K 2015
The smile from getting a new 10K personal best. And a medal. 

I spent a while getting my medal, banana, water and having a bit of a chat with a few runners and old friends, before grabbing my protein drink from the car. I then made my way down to near the finish line, to watch my brother finish the half marathon.

Lisburn 10K 2015
Looking quite tired after finishing our races..

He had been hoping to get his first sub 1 hour 25 minute half marathon. He crossed the line in 1 hour 25 minutes and 1 second. While he was happy to get a personal best, he was disappointed to have missed out by only two seconds. He said he started too fast, and really struggled with the last few miles.

Lisburn 10K 2015 T Shirt and medal
Lisburn 10K 2015 T Shirt and medal

However, we both finished with personal bests, and my confidence has been lifted after having a bit of a downer last week, especially with me Running A Bad Race. It was a nice boost, and also one of my Running Goals For Month 1 Of Half Marathon Training completed.

A Great Half Marathon and 10K Event

The race is very well organised, and I found it to be extremely good value for money. The entry fee was £13, which also got you chip timing, a finisher's medal and a technical running  T-shirt.

Over 3,000 runners took part in the half marathon and 10K race. I'd highly recommend taking part in this event. It's a fairly flat course (other than the final hill), and the crowd support is a big plus.

Next year, it will be 30 years since I first took part in the Lisburn 10K. So I'm going to have to do it again, as I can't really miss an anniversary like that... I'm looking forward to it already...

Half Marathon James

Have you any running or racing pet hates?

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