Saturday, 13 June 2015

Running A Bad Race

So today didn't go as planned. I was supposed to smash my Parkrun 5K personal best time, and be on my way to getting it below 20 minutes. Instead, I finished in 20 minutes 51 seconds, and now I'm sitting here feeling slow and fat. So I'm going to split tonight's blog into two parts.

1) - I'm hopeless, fat, overweight, slow, unfit, not dedicated enough, old etc etc...

2) - Quit whinging. It was only one day. Chin up, man up, move on...

Weight Loss Isn't Happening Fast Enough

I got up this morning and got straight onto the scales. I've had more than a couple of slips with my diet this week, so I wasn't too surprised to see the number looking back at me..

Hopefully the last picture of this above 190 lbs..

192 lbs. That is not the weight I wanted to be at this stage of training. In my Running Goals For Month 1 Of Half Marathon Training, I'd wanted to be finishing the month under 185 lbs. This means I have a big challenge ahead of me for the next seventeen days. I've got a challenge of 7 lbs.

I could write about how I just can't lose weight. I hear it everyday from people... No matter what they do, whatever exercise or healthy food they eat, they just can't shift the pounds. But it's not all of the truth.

I've been eating really well. I eat a healthy breakfast, I bring tuna sandwiches and fruit to work and I eat a clean, high protein, wholegrain carbs and vegetable dinner every night.

However, I also drink 2-3 beers a few nights a week, and I'm prone to buying 3-4 chocolate bars on the way home from work. This is why I can't lose weight.

My weight from my last Great North Run has risen ever so slightly..

I'm really going to have to come up with solutions to this in the next week. All the calories I'm burning are being overtaken by poor eating and drinking habits. I'm not going to dwell on this too much tonight, but big changes are going to have to take place very soon.

Post Run Chicken
Tonight's meal.. It should really have been last night's pre-race meal

My Parkrun Is Getting Slower

There was a bit of wind this morning, but I don't think that can account as the main reason for my poor run.

Craigavon Citypark Parkrun
Craigavon Citypark Parkrun

I didn't go to bed until far too late last night. I'd also had three beers (not much for a Friday night, but not great for pre-race hydration). My choice of cooking bolognese the night before was also a mistake. It was far too heavy, and left my stomach feeling a bit "iffy" before the race. Especially when combined with 3 beers.

Not a recommended pre race meal..

During the run I felt tired and had a few aches in my legs. I had taken a two day break due to a bit of a niggle after Wednesday's Half Marathon Week 2 Long Run. Thankfully it had gone, but I think I might have to ease off on my running, every second week.
I work as a binman, and my job has a week of heavy bins, followed by a week of light bins. During the heavy week, I think I'll cut it down to 3 runs per week.

Another reason I may have ran a slow 5K race, was I was just having one of those days. I haven't really mentioned it in this blog before, but I've suffered from depression for a lot of my teen and adult life. I'm not going to go into too much detail tonight (that's for another day), but it can affect everything you do. Including running.

Running is a great way to help depression, but sometimes it can be a battle out when you are running. But, it's the weekend, and I don't want to start depressing you by talking about all that now... So..

Enough Of The Bad Race... Let's Find Some Reasons To Be Happy...

I'm not injured. This is always going to be a big plus when training for a half marathon. It happened on my last attempt at training for the Great North Run, and I was gutted. So at the minute, I am injury free and still able to run and train.

I have plenty of time to get ready for a half marathon. I have got another 13 weeks left. In-fact, I got an email today from the Great North Run saying it's 3 months until the big day. This is enough time to do all my training. It's also good that this is happening now, rather than a week or two before the half marathon.

I have 2 road races this week. I'm running the Lisburn 10K on Wednesday, and I'm going to do a longer race on Sunday (possibly) just down the road. Two events which I'll just try to enjoy, and take positives from..

I am in better shape than other half marathon attempts at this stage. I love the fact that both Runkeeper and also this blog let me compare my previous training attempts. Yes, I am heavier, but the mileage is good, and my speed is getting quicker, albeit slightly slower than I want. I am much better prepared this year. I have learned a lot from last year. I can do this.

I'm running for Guide Dogs. I have just set up my Guide Dogs Just Giving Page, so I'll be able to start raising money for a cause that I know a lot about, as my Mum is blind. If you have a few £ or $ to spare, it would be great if you could donate something. It really doesn't matter how small. I just want to give something back to a charity that I have seen do amazing work. They completely change blind people's lives, letting them do normal things.

Craigavon Citypark Parkrun
Craigavon Citypark Parkrun
And some other reasons to be happy....

It's summer.
I've no work tomorrow.
I'm seeing my brother's family for lunch tomorrow.
I'll be taking Sheldon out for a walk tomorrow.
I have a lot to look forward to.
Stop whinging.
Chin up.
Man up.
Cheer up.
It's just a bad day on the way to a Great day. :)

Half Marathon James

How do you get over a bad running day or race?

What do you eat the night before a race?

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