Tuesday, 22 September 2015

New Running Goals For 2015

After a few unexpected twists and turns this year, my original running goals for 2015 are having to be revised. I've moved house after spending a few months back home living with my step mum, but now that I have my own place I'm starting to feel a bit more settled and ready to try and focus on some running. The thing I have have found hardest recently is that I have nothing to focus on, after missing the Great North Run sub 1.25 half marathon attempt.

So instead of waiting until the new year to start making goals, I thought I'd set some challenges to reach before Christmas Day arrives. I have 94 days to make all this happen...

Complete The Insanity 60 Day Challenge

I've tried to complete the Insanity 60 Day Challenge on two separate occasions, both of which failed. However, I've paid good money for the DVDs, and I know that it will get me in great shape and help improve my running form, speed and fitness. I just need to make sure I don't injure myself again.

So this time I'm going to do it slightly differently. I'm not going to try to complete it in 60 days, instead I'll just try and get it completed before Christmas Day. I have a few races that I want to do, and I don't want to get injured again, so completing it over a longer period of time sounds like a better idea. It also means if I miss a day it won't feel like I've failed.

To keep my motivation up for this, I'll be starting it the same time as my cousin, and we are going to have a race to see who can finish it first. I'm not sure what the forfeit will be, but it will probably be somewhere in the region of a few pints of beer..

Give Up Alcohol For 1 Month

I think this is going to be really tough, as since moving into a house on my own I have found it is very easy to have a beer most nights. However, this is not a habit I want to get into again. I've signed up for Sober For October which raises money for Macmillan Cancer, so that should help keep me motivated.

Not only will giving up the drink for a month help my liver, but I should lose a bit of weight, have more energy and save some money too. It's pretty much win - win, and I won't have to deal with any hangovers for a month either.

Buy New Running Shoes, Trail Shoes, Running Bag and Garmin Watch

With the money I save from not drinking, I should treat myself to a few new items of running gear. I really need to buy some new running shoes, but with moving house, all my money went on buying house related things. Not that exciting, but most of it was essential.

I'll be doing a lot more trail races over the next few months, so I think it's also time I upgraded my trail running shoes. My old ones are still in good condition, they just aren't a great model of shoe.

Sheldon running ahead as I wish for a better backpack to run with..

The running bag is not something I'd thought of before, but it's something I need when I take Sheldon out for walks/ runs. I have a big bag at the minute, but it can be hard to run with. It's a bit of a luxury buy this, but something that would make running more enjoyable.

The Garmin watch is on the list as I'm really getting tired of fiddling with my phone and it not always working. Again, it would make running much more enjoyable if I could just hit a button on my wrist, and then start running.

Run A Sub 19 Minute 5K Race

During my training for a sub 1.25 half marathon I just missed out on a sub 20 minute 5K by two seconds, but as I'm not training with long distances for a while, perhaps a sub 19 minute 5K race could be achieved. If I stay focused, there's no reason why I can't do this.

My training will be mostly made up with doing Insanity, but this should help my leg strength, core strength, and flexibility which will hopefully make me a faster runner over shorter distances.

Run A Sub 40 Minute 10K Race

If I can run a sub 19 minute 5K, I should be able to improve my 10K time too. My current personal best stands at 42 minutes 47 seconds, which I got at the Lisburn 10K. Again, if I stay focused, I should be able to do this. It's just a matter of running 2 minutes and 48 seconds faster. Easy, right?

Complete 30 Days Of Yoga

I'll find this tough mostly because of my available time, but this would really help my flexibility. And believe me, at the minute it is awful. I'm getting to the stage where I have to plan how I pick things up off the ground.

In order to complete the 30 day challenge, I may have to to have days where I'm doing both Insanity and yoga, but hopefully they can compliment each other. I have bought a 30 day course from Yoga With Adriene, but you can watch all the videos for free on Adriene's YouTube Page.

I will post some pictures of me attempting yoga. You will laugh.

Lose 30 lbs

At the start of the year, I wanted to get down to 159 lbs (11.4 stone), and the good news is that I have lost 9 lbs since then. However, this still leaves quite a gap from the target weight and where I am now.

It would mean losing around a pound every three days, but if I'm doing all this exercise and giving up alcohol I should lose a lot of weight anyway. I've said it quite a few times, but the more weight I lose, the less weight I have to carry about when I run.

As I'm living on my own, I can now blame no one else for my eating habits. I decide what I put in the cupboards and fridge, so it's up to me to eat more healthy. If I could lose 30 lbs (or even close to it), it would be a major win for me this year.

Quit Smoking

Didn't I already give up smoking this year? Well, yes I did, but sometimes we all make mistakes. I can only say that I wasn't having a great time for a period of the last year, and smoking was an easy thing to go back to. It was stupid, but I guess that's addiction for you. It gets you when you are down.

It costs me money, and it's really bad for my health (we all know that..), but I noticed that when I was doing speed training with my brother that my chest was making all sorts of noises that it shouldn't have been. My speed should really improve if I can quit the smokes.

I don't know when I'll attempt to stop smoking, but I think it's going to be essential if I am to run those 5K and 10K times I mentioned. Plus, I always feel like a leper when I light up after races. It's frowned upon by most of society as it is, but standing at the finish line with a cigarette in my hand makes me feel quite self conscious. I do get quite a few glares at times.

Beat All My Previous Born To Run - "Run Forest Run" Race Times

I need some focus, and these races should be perfect. They are all trail races which I love, and thanks to this blog I have all my times and race reports from last year. There's also been another two courses this year, so it will be nice to run in more exciting routes.

There will be four 10K races before Christmas, which will be perfect for keeping me focused, and seeing how I am progressing.

Hopefully all these goals will work together and compliment each other to make me a healthier, fitter, faster, more flexible and happier runner.


Have you any new goals that you added during the year? If you could upgrade any of your running gear, what would it be?

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