Sunday, 20 September 2015

Running Again

The weekend is nearly over, and for the first time in weeks I have managed to go running twice. However, my long break of about 6 weeks of no training has left me quite unfit, and I seem to have forgotten a few things when it comes to running.. Such as the importance of Vaseline. It is such an underrated piece of running kit. I may have forgot to apply it on Friday's run, but today it was one of the first things I did when getting ready.

My first run of the weekend was on Friday. This run was more about putting on my running shoes and getting out the front door more than anything else. I'd mentioned in my last post New House, New Town, New Start and New Training Plan that I'd just entered a 10K for next weekend, so the plan was to try and cover that distance. It didn't matter how fast I ran.

10K Run

Well the good news is that I did indeed run 10K (6.25 miles), and while it wasn't too fast, it wasn't as slow as I would have thought. Once I got into a rhythm, I managed to keep putting one foot in front of the other. At least I remembered the basics...

10K Run Splits

My splits showed no impressive surges of pace either, but at least I know I am capable of running next week's distance in under an hour. There may even be a possibility of a sub 50 minute race, depending on how well I can prepare this week.

Improving My 5K Speed

I was feeling confident about this morning's run, which I planned to run along a flat towpath. I intended to run a slow mile to warm up, and then a fast 5K (3.12 miles), before finishing with a slow mile to cool down.

Sunday Morning Run With Cows
Some cows re-hydrating..

Well, it didn't happen like that at all. My legs were feeling the pain from Friday's run after just a mile of slow jogging and some dynamic stretches. After the warm up I tried to speed up, but I was nowhere near my usual 5K pace. And I only managed to run 1.5 miles before I had to stop and rest.

Running With A Horse Staring At Me
Running With A Horse Staring At Me

This meant that my cool down was a 2.5 mile jog back to the car. I stopped to take a few pictures along the way, so I guess it was good that I got a chance to do that, even if I didn't achieve my running aim for the day.

Vegetarian Chilli

I'm not a vegetarian, nor is it something I think I'll ever be, but I do know that I don't eat enough vegetables. And having one day a week of not eating meat is not only healthy for you, it's also a good way to help the environment. And a good way to save money.

Vegetarian Chilli
Vegetarian Chilli

I'm now living on my own, so when I cook something like this I put the remainder in either the fridge or freezer for eating later during the week. This is really cost effective for me, and also means I'm not cooking every night of the week.

It tasted really nice, is very nutritious and if you put an extra chilli in, it packs a bit of a kick too. You can find the recipe on a blog I had tried a few recipes from, Charlotte's Lively Kitchen, although her pictures look a lot better than mine.

Weekly Running Goals

It's been a long time since I've done one of these, so I'm going to keep it quite simple. I'll be taking my dog Sheldon out for a few walks during the week, so I'll try and turn these into some form of training. I think Fartlek runs could really help improve my speed, and a trail run/walk in the mountains should help with my strength. Luckily, he will enjoys these even more than me.

I'm going to try and complete at least two yoga sessions and a few strength training exercises, as well as some running drills. I also need to sit down and make some new running goals for the rest of the year as my situation has changed quite dramatically this year. Even if I don't run a sub 1.25 half marathon this year, it won't stop me from trying to get a few more personal records..


Have you got any good vegetarian dishes you could share? Have you had to change your running goals recently?


  1. So glad you enjoyed the chilli. All the best with your run next weekend.

    1. Thank you! I just had more of it for my dinner tonight too. Chilli always tastes even better after a day or two in the fridge :) I'll be making this one again, I hope the photograph did it justice.


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