Sunday, 1 November 2015

Improving My Running In 30 Days - Day 1

This month I want to devote all the time I possibly can to becoming a better runner. Faster, more effeciant, less injury prone, lighter, stronger and healthier. I've been preparing for today for a few weeks, and so far this weekend has gone well.

Run Forest Run
With my Born 2 Run - Run Forest Run finishing medal.. Sheldon didn't race today though

Yesterday I took part in the first of the Run Forest Run 10K series, which I'll do a proper race review of in a few days. It was great to get back to running in those races, as I love running trail runs. I haven't been doing much training up to this weekend, so I was happy enough with my time of 47 minutes 41 seconds. The next event is in 3 weeks, and I hope to take a few minutes off my time on that race.

In the past two weeks I've done both 5K and 10K races, which means I know where I'm starting from this month.

5K - 22 min 31 sec
10K - 47 min 41 sec

Last night the plan was simple.. visit my brother's family for Halloween...

Bat Girl and Boy Dog

And then go and have some beers for the last time in 30 days. As I'd been at my brother's house during the evening, I'd missed the Trick or Treaters, so I ate a lot of sweets that I'd bought for them. This was all that was left this morning.. (The beer wasn't going to be for them..)

No more beer or junk food for 30 days.. 

This morning started with a hangover, which if all goes to plan, will be my last for a month. I'd stopped for a few days last week, so I am quietly confident I can make it to the end of the month without any alcohol. It might also stop me looking like this in the mornings..

My last hangover.... Not looking too hot there James.. 

I took Sheldon out for a walk this morning which helped clear the head a bit, and loosen me up. I was very sore this morning after the race yesterday. I'm still smoking, but that should be stopping within the week. I'm nearly finished my book, and after that my lungs will be smoke free.

More fog on this morning's walk

I got a couple of hours sleep during the afternoon, and then I took Sheldon out again for a recovery run along the towpath. I've downloaded a metronome for my phone, so that I can work on my cadence (how many times my feet hit the ground per minute). Although it was only a recovery run, I still wanted to have a quick feet turnover. I set it for 180 steps per minute, which I just about kept up with. My stride was very small, so I wasn't going that hard or fast.

During our recovery run, before it got dark..

We only ran for 2 miles, with another half a mile walking at the start and to finish with. It's getting dark really early here, so on our way home it was hard to see, especially with the fog that seems to be there every evening.

And then our recovery run became a run in the dark... With no torch

Unfornately when we had nearly finished, I realised I'd set his lead down while getting him a drink. So after bringing Sheldon back to the car, I had to drive back home to get my head torch to go back and try and find it. Since he didn't have a lead, I left him in the car. It's amazing how scary fog can be on a deserted, dark towpath when you don't have a dog running beside you..

After another half mile I found it, which was a relief.. They're not cheap.

Homemade macaroni cheese. Doesn't look great, but tasted lovely.. 

When we got home I did some stretching and balance exercises, which I found to be challenging, although I seemed to be quite good at the balancing on one foot exercise. I'll put a link up for them in the the next few days after I try a few more of them.

This month I'll be changing the way I train, trying to get rid of bad habits and introduce some new good ones. I'm not going to go crazy with the mileage I run, but I'm going to try and train smarter, and pay more attention to how I live my life when I'm not running.

Day 1 of Improving My Running has started with no alcohol, sweets or chocolate. That's probably an achievement in itself..

If you want to keep up to date with how I progress over the next 29 days, the you can subscribe to my blog at the top right hand side of this page. Ill be sharing everything I do to become a better runner, and hopefully my race times should see a big improvement during this time..


How was your Halloween? Did you have any races or big training runs?

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