Saturday, 14 November 2015

Improving My Running In 30 Days - Day 14

Does stopping smoking make you gain weight? Does stopping smoking make you run faster after three days? Do you save money after stopping smoking? Am I still not smoking??

Okay, let's try and answer some of those..

Well the good news is I am still smoke free after three days. But I'll be honest with you, I have found it tough at times. It's not that I miss the actual smoke, I am just very aware of the fact there is something missing. There is no reward every hour, no relief as I suck as much nicotine into my body as I can, nothing to help me relax. I can't even sleep without waking every few hours wanting one.

But it will pass. Non smokers can sleep. Non smokers don't need cigarettes to relax, in fact if they tried a smoke they'd probably throw up. Check out my Becoming A Smoke Free Runner post if you missed it..

I just need to get used to being a non smoker.

Weight Gain

I have put on weight in the space of three days. I'd struggled to lose a few pounds earlier this month, and a few days after being smoke free the pounds are piling back on.

Chok A Blok
Banana goodness, surrounded by so much chocolate. I ate two of them. 

But it's all my fault. Last night I bought two Choc A Block bars which I devoured both of, before eating a full tub of Ben And Jerry's Phish Food. I also ate my usual big dinner, and washed it all down with four tins of Heineken. And there was a couple of chocolate eclair buns too..

Today's weight was not what I wanted to see.. 

So I wasn't too surprised to see my weight had shot up this morning. I was nearly half a stone lighter just seven days ago.. I guess I'll have to work on my weight next week.., although I have found a great way to lose weight.. Don't buy any more food or beer. I'll explain now..

Do You Save Money After Giving Up Smoking?

Well I certainly haven't saved any money. All I have done is spend, spend, spend. Every purchase seems to be justified by the fact that I don't have to buy cigarettes any more. But the past few days have just been a spending spree, which has now left me broke.

I even bought myself a new toaster, which just doesn't manage to cover all the bread.

Toast with tan lines. 

So for the next 11 days I will have no money to buy either chocolate or beer. Like a self imposed diet. And I can't even change my mind, because the money just isn't there.

Running A Free Parkrun 5K Race

I am so lucky to now have one of these weekly free races on my doorstep. Well, ten minutes drive from my doorstep. It's a great way of seeing how your running is improving, while also getting a free race.

Craigavon Citypark Parkrun
Walking To The Start Line

So I arrived this morning with a slight hangover, 7 lbs heavier than last week, but with smoke free lungs. Well, smoke free for three days, I don't think they've repaired themselves just yet. There's a lot of brown gunk still to leave my lungs, blood and everywhere else.

Brown and white toast with a few toppings for today's 5K race fuel

So I weighed 7 lbs heavier, but I had been off the smokes. Would I be slower or faster than last week?

Well, somehow I was exactly the same. 21 minutes 39 seconds. Exactly the same as last week. I have no idea how that happened, as it wasn't intentional. I don't think I could have done that over 3.1 miles if I'd tried..

Craigavon Citypark Parkrun
One 5K lap of the lake. 

I did start quite fast, and the first mile was ran in under 6 minutes. Maybe that's where I went wrong. I'm just carrying too much weight to keep that up for 3.1 miles. But next time I should be off the cigarettes even longer, and will hopefully be a few pounds lighter.

Next week there is another Born 2 Run 10K trail race I'd been wanting to do, but might actually have to give it a miss unless I can find the entry fee. It's not cheap, and I am really broke.. Time to start selling a few things on eBay perhaps...

If I don't run the 10K, I'll be looking to run another free 5K Parkrun. Only this time much, much faster... I really don't want to get the same time again next week.


Have you ever ran two races with the exact same time? How much would you expect to pay for a 10K race?


  1. I feel like everyone's run a race with the exact same time except for me! My race times are always so different..usually like a :30 difference or something. I wonder why!? Good luck with the diet and staying smoke free. Just think about how much easier running will be when you can get full lungs of air and have that weight off you! Isn't it like 3 seconds per mile per pound? Something like that? I guess we'll see!

  2. Thanks Gretchen, that's another smoke free day nearly over.. :) Yes, I've heard it's something like that.. It would be nice to get even a couple of pounds off for next week..

  3. Well done on being smoke free, that's an amazing achievement! Giving up smokes, beer and chocolate/sweets all at the same time was kinda crazy so I'm glad you're giving yourself a break and indulging. I have 2 local parkruns and love them (when I can get out of bed in time!) but I have never managed to run exactly the same time before, maybe that's my next goal!

  4. I love this progress!! You're going to be so fast and feel so awesome once all the junk clears out of your lungs. Great job so far!


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