Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Improving My Running In 30 Days - Day 18

I've missed a few days of blogging, so I've got quite a bit to catch up on and share. It's always hard to know where to start, so I guess I'll start with the big news first.. Oh, and I'm just going to throw in some very random pictures that may or may not work with the writing..

Like this.

Scarlett doing a pull up with Daddy (my brother Michael) on stand by. 

1 Week Of No Smoking

I am still a non smoker after 7 days!!!!! 

But it hasn't been all easy. Even this evening as I write this, I still feel as though there is something missing. It feels like I am missing the ritual, the taste, the smell and the smoke of a cigarette. However, after reading the Allen Carr book, I know all that I missing is the nicotine itself, and that it will become easier over the next few days.

I haven't been in pain, my mood hasn't really changed and I don't feel stressed. It's just that there is something missing. Something which I know is really bad for me, my body, my health and my running. And very soon I won't miss it at all.

If you smoke and want to stop I would recommend giving the Allen Carr book a try. You can get it here from Amazon UK - Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking, but if that link doesn't connect you just go to Amazon or Google and search for it. So far, the book is working for me.

Putting On Weight After Quitting Smoking

I knew this was coming, but I didn't realise just how bad it would be. I did mention in my Improving My Running In 30 Days - Day 14 post that I was putting on weight, but it's gone up again since then. This is the heaviest I've been since starting this blog I think.. 198.4 lbs ??? Yeah, I feel fat.

Time to start running and a diet fat boy...

My chocolate addiction has not gone away. And I know people say they eat a lot of chocolate, but I think I bring it to a different level.

Today I ate 5 Mars bars, 5 Snickers bars and 4 chocolate and cream eclair buns. Yes, they were all full size. More calories than I need in a day, and I scoffed the lot down in about 30 minutes. Once I get the taste, I just can't stop. I think I may need help with this one...

Tempo Runs At My Running Club

It's not officially my running club just yet, but I'm starting to feel like one of the group after my third session. I've only managed to go to the tempo runs on a Tuesday so far, but each one has been an improvement.

I'm not sure whether my lungs and heart are working any better, but my pace is definitely improving. I've found a couple of guys who run slightly faster than me, so I try my best to keep up with them for three miles. Maybe next week I'll finish in front of one or both of them, but it's great having someone to push you on.

Sheldon The Running Dog

Two best friends.. 

Sheldon also made his first appearance at the running club this week. He did a bit of a warm up with me, and then waited for 20 minutes for me to finish my run, before jumping out of the car for a cool down. As per usual, he then made quite the impression on everyone.. "Has he got a limp?" I was asked, quickly followed by "Oh My God He's Only Got Three Legs!!"..

He loves looking over walls for some reason. 

We get this quite a bit, and I always take pride in the fact that even though he is disabled he can run better than any of us. We haven't done many long runs this week, but we have used our runs as recovery runs, drill sessions, sprints, and trying to improve running form. We still get up at 5am every morning for his 2 mile morning walk.

Wearing his coat for the first time. Not liking it so far. 

Cutting Down Alcohol

Right, before I go any further, I should say at this point that I have had two beers so far tonight, with another two coming up. However, I do feel like his month I've turned a corner with beers and alcohol.

I have broken the cycle of drinking most nights, and I am drinking about twice a week now. It was supposed to be a completely dry month, but I had a slip or two, and then I wanted to get a few beers without cigarettes to get used to it.

I don't feel the need for beers every night now. I'm starting to think of them as a treat every few nights. And something which I don't actually need. I do feel like I have got rid of another unhealthy habit.

Watching Peep Show

That's the plan for the rest of my evening. I'm not sure how well Channel 4's Peep Show traveled outside of the UK, but it's in it's final series and you need to check it out. Look it up on YouTube, or Channel 4 On Demand, or Amazon or something, but you need to watch it. British comedy at it's finest since Alan Partridge..

Tomorrow my Dad is calling up to see me as he is home from France for a few days, but I'm hoping to get a 5 mile run in the evening with Sheldon. And if I get my ass into gear, I'll even try blogging too...


What is your favourite comedy? What is your favourite (alcoholic) drink?


  1. James. We gotta talk about this drinking and smoking nonsense. First and foremost, HUGE congrats to being smoke-free! When I quit smoking I felt like I was in a timewarp. Lol. I definitely felt like I was missing something. Sometimes I still do. I've been smoke-free since 2008. Second, once you stop drinking so much, you'll lose weight. True -- you will put it on with quitting smoking, but you'll take if off once you dump the extra calories from alcohol. And believe me, there are a lot. Third, chocolate is amazing. You shouldn't deprive yourself. But you should definitely enjoy it as a treat -- an exception, not the norm. Savor and enjoy the taste. Don't scarf down full size candy bar after full size candy bar. What's the fun in that?!

    Fourth, and most important, is take all my advice with a grain of salt. :)~

    Congrats on your HUGE accomplishment!!!

    1. Thank you so much for the support Rachel :) Yeah, I do miss something, but then I try and think what it would be like if I did smoke a cigarette. Filling my throat and lungs with all that smoke just doesn't seem nice anymore. It's crazy that you still feel like that after 7 years! It really is a sneaky, sneaky drug. Congratulations on staying off them. You really aren't missing out with them :)

      Yeah, hopefully the weight will start going back down. Alcohol and chocolate know how to hide the calories...

  2. You are doing an amazing job James! Massive well done!

    When I read about your chocolate consumption I was hit with 2 feelings at once. The first was eek wow that's a lot of chocolate to eat in 30 minutes and the other was a feeling of being in awe of you. I love chocolate and could happily eat it all day but you have taken it to a whole new level! The sensible side of me thinks it's not the healthiest thing you could do but you've given up smoking and cut down on alcohol already which are superb so don't beat yourself up. Give it time and see what happens then.

    One last thing... Sheldon totally rocks!

    1. Thanks Sara, Yes Sheldon is definitely the start of the show on here.. I just write the words, he makes it look good...

      Yeah, I would eat chocolate all day if I could. Even today I bought a big bag of Revels, but I've managed another day away from beer and smoking :)

      Thanks for the support Sara :)


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