Monday, 23 November 2015

Improving My Running In 30 Days - Day 23

In this evening's post it's all about weighing over 200 lbs while trying to be a faster runner, having very reduced energy levels, running a 5K race with my dog and planning a new nutritional plan.

Reduced Energy Levels

I was supposed to phone the doctor this afternoon to get an appointment booked to find out why I have zero energy and can't stop sleeping. Guess what happened instead.. Yip, a four hour afternoon soon put an end to having any sort of productivity today. Work and sleep, work and sleep..

I'm not sure why my energy seems non existent recently, but it could be a number of different reasons. I'm eating too much sugar so it could be something as simple as sugar levels crashing. It could be SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), or my depression and anxiety letting me know they haven't gone away. Whatever it is, it's not fitting into my plans of becoming a better runner.
So it's now after 7 pm, and I haven't even thought about starting getting my dinner ready.. I'm thinking it's time to really start eating a lot more fruit and vegetables, so I'll throw all the veg I can into it tonight.

Yesterday's dinner and this mornings breakfast. Just before I added 6 eggs.. 

The most energetic I have felt in years was when I was on the juice fast last year. There were a lot of downsides when on a juice fast, but I was getting so many nutrients and vitamins without my body having to deal with the usual crap I feed it. I think it's really time to start watching what I put in that big mouth of mine.

And there's another reason for doing so. 

Running While Weighing 200 lbs

I've now hit 200 lbs on my scales. That's 14.2 stone in real money, or 90 kg. I think that's a pretty good reason to start changing my diet. It's far too heavy to be running any sort of fast times, and I can't afford to start buying fat clothes. I feel really sluggish while trying to carry all that weight when running. 

Running at 200 lbs
There's a skinny runner in there trying to get out and start racing.. 

I think the best way to get the weight off for me right now would be to download the MyFitnessPal App again, and start really watching what I eat. If you haven't heard of it, it's an app for your smartphone that scans all the bar-codes of everything you eat, and counts your daily calories. You can also add them manually, or use it on your laptop or computer. 

200 lbs. Not an easy weight to run with..

It's a bit of a pain having to check everything you eat (especially when you cook from scratch) but it's a real eye opener at where calories come from. It also flags up foods with excessive salts, sugars and other nasty things. 

I'm going to do a proper grocery shop on Thursday (being payday..) so I'll try and get enough for the two weeks, that will hopefully boost my energy, cut my weight and not cost a fortune. 

Running A 5K Parkrun With My Dog

After weighing myself on Saturday morning, I packed Sheldon in the car and we set off early for the Craigavon Citypark Parkrun. It's a free 5K race every Saturday at 9.30 am held all over the UK and various other countries. We arrived about 45 minutes early so I could take Sheldon for a run before my race. 

Learning the Parkrun course..

During our warm up jog around the lake, I started feeling a bit of a pain around my foot. I'm not sure what it was (maybe carrying 200 lbs tubby?), but I thought I'd change my plan and race with Sheldon rather than try and beat my previous week's time. You can read about that in my Improving My Running In 30 Days - Day 14 post, where I actually got the exact same time two weeks in a row..

Sheldon posing  before the race... 

We started right at the very back of the 121 runners as it can be a bit chaotic starting in the crowd with a very eager dog. I also had to tie my shoelace which meant we started about 10 seconds after the last starter. 

However Sheldon doesn't know how to start a race slowly, so we were weaving in and out of all the other runners until we got a bit of space. I'm always worried that we get in people's way, so I think the next time we might start a bit further up at the start line, even if we have to start on the grass away from everyone else. 

I found it hard keeping up with him, and it wasn't until the end of the 2nd mile that he started to slow down. My back was pretty sore at this stage as I'd been holding his lead, something which completely ruins any sort of good running form. 

We stopped at the halfway mark for him to get a quick drink of water, and a few dogs caught his attention, but other than that he just loves racing. He follows the other runners, so he seems to know where to go. He knows we don't hang about and he just wants to run as fast as I can keep up with him. 

My blurry picture of Sheldon sprinting to the finish line.. 

We finished in 31st place with a time of 23 minutes 35 seconds, which is Sheldon's best Parkrun time, but still a bit off his personal best that we got during the Waggy Races. It wasn't the fast run that I'd been hoping for, but he loved it. There were a few smaller dogs and a Labrador puppy he got to sniff and say hello to, so he got to be sociable as well as getting his run.  

After the race I was asked to volunteer next week, instead of racing. As much as I want to improve my 5K time next week, I think it's probably time for me to give something back to a free race which I enjoy having on my doorstep. So I'll be having a week off from racing, and volunteering for the fisrt time in my life.. 

I just hope I don't mess it up and have 131 runners asking why all their finishing times are screwed up... 


Have you ever volunteered to help at a race? Have you any advice on increasing energy levels? 


  1. I love that you race so much with your dog! It's a goal of mine for my husky, but she seems to get very distracted by people, maybe if they were all running in the same direction she'd follow suit. Hope you get your energy back up soon, winter can be rough. Keep up all the good efforts!

    1. Sheldon can be the same, but he's not too bad when in a race. I think he just wants to run , but also catch up with whoever is in front. Other dogs can be a nightmare, as he can get pretty nervous after being attacked. He can get distracted with them, but he is getting better.. Huskies are a beautiful dog..

  2. I love that you race with your dog! I volunteer at an animal shelter, and I just love running with all the dogs. We occasionally get in a tripod and they are even more eager to run than a four legged dog! I love it. My dog is getting a bit chunky so I might have to take her out for runs with me. I've been working on it with her because she pulls a lot, so I have on her harness and practice making her stay close to me. I think we're almost ready to do a race together! I also think it's great you're volunteering. You're super inspiring James, even if you are a little tubby ;) (completely joking...but it always makes me crack up when you say stuff like that!! If you saw the size of some runners in America you would get why that's so funny)

    1. Ha ha, don't worry, I can take the tubby jokes lol.. You may get them in now before the weight all falls off me (hopefully).

      Yeah, I think I'll have to get a harness or different lead for Sheldon, as it's really him taking me for a walk most of the time. He has trouble walking at my pace though, as it seems easier for him when he's running or skipping with momentum.

      He is also on a bit of a diet, as he can't get too heavy with the three legs.. How far do you go runing with your dog?

    2. I haven't done more than a few miles with her since we aren't training for a race yet. I think she could do 3 miles, but she loved to go on long hikes more

  3. I haven't race volunteered but think I should. Until recently I was working every Saturday morning but now that I'm not I should probably get around to volunteering.
    Eating right and getting outside for a bit everyday should help especially if there is a sunny day. Short winter days seem to bring down my energy level too.

    1. I'd rather be running, but I guess it's time to help out. I always appreciate volunteers on all races, so it's kind of like saying thank you for all the good races lol..

      I think you could have nailed it with eating right and getting outside. I'll try and go for a jog or walk before it gets dark tomorrow, see if that helps :)

  4. Iron deficiency perhaps?? You need more B Vitamins? Not eating enough for all the running your doing? Cut that sugar out!! I agree with that idea! - ha ha!

    1. Thanks GiGi, I'll add some vitamins to my shopping list this week, and maybe start adding more green veg to my diet. Yeah, sugar doesn't really bring much nutritional value to the table... Unfortunately


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