Monday, 30 November 2015

Improving My Running In 30 Days - Day 30

So what's happened since my last post? Well, I've ran a bit (not that much, but a bit), I've volunteered at a Parkrun race, and I've been quite good with my chocolate binges. I'm still fat but also still a non smoker. I've realised that I need to start getting ready for my next half marathon and after 30 days my running hasn't really improved.

And my best friend's dad passed away on Thursday, so running and blogging took a backseat for a few days. I've known him since I was 18, so I kinda thought of him as extended family. It was nice to spend time with all his family as I haven't seen some of the in a while, it's just a shame about the circumstances in which we met up again.

On a fitness note, it was embarrassing at the funeral as I turned up wearing a pair of jeans. It turns out my suit trousers no longer fit round my waist. And my jeans were feeling pretty tight too. More of that to come...

Stopping Smoking

It's been a funny month, with the big event being that I have stopped smoking. I know that the fact I no longer smoke will bring massive improvements to my running, health and my wallet. They just take a bit of time to show the benefits I suppose, as I can see no difference yet. It's nearly three weeks and the only change so far has been that I've had a tight chest and cough. I think that it's busy repairing itself from all the damage I've inflicted on it over the years.

Oh, and I've put on nearly a stone. Fourteen pounds. In less than three weeks. Which would be the reason why my trousers no longer fit me.

Filling my trolley with good food. I just need to stop buying other bad food. 

I did a pretty sensible shop the other day, so if I can stop myself from buying any junk or chocolate for a few weeks the fat should start to come off. And it is fat. I'm not just miraculously putting on lean muscle tissue.

Running Every Day For A Month. Again

I'm also going to try and re attempt to run every day for a full month. I've found a page on Facebook called Marcothon 2015 (click the link to bring you to the page) which is an event for the whole of December, running 3 miles every day.

I have already attempted this earlier this year, but only managed to run 27 days out of the 30. I know December will be an awkward month to do it in, but I'm wanting to be ready for a half marathon in March, so it's really time to start running some miles again.

You can read about my last attempt and my tips for running every day at How To Run Every Day For A Month

Running with a miniature 3 legged dog on my shoulder. 

This extra weight I'm carrying is only going to get worse unless I do something now, so this seems like an achievable goal. I'll see how many days I can go without chocolate, but I doubt it will be a month. Maybe I should try and just have one chocolate cheat day per week?

I have been out for a few runs with Sheldon this week, but the weather here has been awful at the minute. It just seems to be raining non stop, so we've been choosing our time of runs carefully.

Last night I found a gap in the rain and we went for a 3 mile run, doing laps around a park nearby. During our run, the guy that locks the gates came over to tell me that it was closing, but told me to move the car outside, and we could get in through a small gap.

It was pretty cool having a whole park to ourselves.

Running around a moonlit duck pond. 

We kept on running, enjoying the dry spell, until Sheldon decided to chase some ducks into their pond. He was now completely soaked, and it's not warm in Northern Ireland, so we just got into the car and got him home.

Even though it meant drying him (again), I was secretly quite thankful we'd cut the run short. My legs are getting tired very quickly, probably with carrying the extra weight.

Sheldon just before he started running after ducks. 

Parkrun Race Volunteering

I also volunteered for my local Parkrun race on Saturday, which was a first for me. It was interesting to see it from the other side though. I don't really appreciate how much work goes into making a race like this happen. And everyone does it free of charge, because they want to help out. Nothing else.

That's why we should always have a lot of respect for the people that help make races like this happen.

I was helping with scanning the bar codes at the end of the race. If you aren't familiar with Parkrun, it basically works by everyone printing their own barcode from the website, which the bring to the race. Everyone starts on the same whistle, and when they finish are handed a chip with a barcode on it. These were then both passed to me, which I scanned and therefore logged their place and time.

I think I didn't mess any of them up, even though it was really hard to hear the barcode beep. I guess I'll find out next week if there are any angry faces starting at me...

I was just glad I wasn't put in charge of the stopwatch. I can't even imagine how awful it would be to mess that up..


Have you ever volunteered for a race? Have you ever tried to run a long running streak?


  1. Sorry to hear about your friend's dad. Yay for not smoking and good luck with the 30 days! :)

    1. Thanks Heather, good news and bad I guess.. thanks for the support, I'm dreading the 30 days already lol

  2. I'm sure you did a great job scanning the bar codes :) Great job volunteering! Have you thought about letting yourself have a serving of chocolate each day? Or maybe getting slightly more expensive chocolate that's more satisfying so you won't want to binge (or waste a lot of money)? I don't know if you like dark chocolate but it's supposed to be more healthy, and I can't eat alot of it since it's so rich. That might help your problem!

    1. I did try the dark chocolate approach, but even though I didn't really like it as much I still ate the whole thing. And it turns out it has just as many calories!! I've been thinking of maybe starting to bake, so if I want something sweet or chocolatey I have to cook it first. Although that would probably mean I'd cook loads and then eat the lot... :)

  3. My condolences :( It's hard losing loved ones at any time but closer to the holidays I always have a harder time dealing with it.

    Great job on sticking with the non-smoking!!! I volunteered at a race recently also and had a great time!

    1. Thanks. Yeah I'll definitely be doing more volunteering. It's really interesting to see how everything works from the other side lol


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