Thursday, 5 November 2015

Improving My Running In 30 Days - Days 3,4 & 5

The past few days I've done my best to continue to improve my running over the course of this month. I'm still sober, I've had another two runs, I've joined a running club, and I've even squeezed in a rest day. However, it hasn't all gone so well.. my plan to take a month away from chocolate had a bit of a stumble, and I've missed two days of my stretches and strength training.

And judging by tonight's dinner, I don't think the excess weight is falling off me just yet.

Homemade burgers and chips... But possibly two portions. Yes, I'm just greedy.

Joining A Running Club

This is something I never imagined myself doing. I'd always thought that running was my "alone time", something I did to clear my head and get away from everything. But over the past year I've found that when I was running with my brother, I was running much faster than I would on my own. I guess now that I'm living on my own, I could probably do with a bit of social time as well..

So I decided to join Banbridge Athletics Club for a tempo run on Tuesday evening. I'm not anywhere near the fitness levels I was at a few months ago, so I played it safe and ran with the main group, instead of those running faster. I made the right choice...

We started at a pace of just over 7 minutes per mile, with the aim of running for 19 minutes. After I'd got into a rythmn, I really wanted to surge on and pick up the pace, but maybe that's where I've been going wrong. I struggled towards the end, and the only reason that I was able to complete the final kilometer was peer pressure. I need to work on my pacing I suppose.

It will definitely help with my running and speed, and it gets me out of the house and meeting new people again. It also means I get a reduced price on races, which is another bonus..

My Long Run Is Not Too Long (Or Fast)

So after taking Wednesday off as a rest day, I thought I'd make the most of the dry weather today and take Sheldon out for a five mile run. We've had a few five mile walk/ runs, but it's been a long time since we had a continuess (I think that's how you spell it) run of that length.

Every mile we stop for a water break.. Sheldon cools himself in the wet grass for a bit too.. 

Well, there were a few stops while he did his business, had a few drinks and I put him on the lead a couple of times when cyclists were going past. But we averaged at 12 minutes per mile, which was fine since I am not wanting to push myself on the longer runs at the minute.

We actually got to run while it was still bright today.. No head torches needed..

I've been reading quite a bit of how to improve my running speed, and one of the points I keep reading is that when you run a long run too fast, it effects your speed during short fast runs. So for the next month, I'll run short fast runs fast, and long slow runs slow to see how that works out.

My Training Isn't All Perfect

I've had one chocolate binge, but am going to try and stay away from it again. It's probably been harder than staying off the booze. On the way home from work yesterday I ate 200g of chocolate and half a big bag of toffee. I think this is about half my recommended calorie intake for a day. And I felt sick afterwards.

I'm still waiting to get all this extra energy I've heard so much about when people give up alcohol. There's been a few mornings when I've slept in, and having to rush to get Sheldon out for his walk and business before I go to work. Maybe after my liver has a few more days repairing itself, I'll feel a bit more energetic.

I guess another way of dealing with this would be to go to bed earlier, but there always seems to be so much to get done every evening. It's 10pm as I write this now, and I still have a few things to get done after. I'm hoping I can get to bed before 11pm, as 5am comes around very quickly.

Maybe when I start making millions in prize money and sponsorship I'll hire an assistant. Until then, I'll just complain on my blog..


Are you a member of a runing club? Am I the only person to have chocolate binges like this?


  1. Oh, if there is one thing I absolutely refused to give up is chocolate!!!! NOPE! I will not!!! LOL!!! I am trying to eat cleaner, but just can't say good bye to chocolate! LOL! But I do in moderation, so that is ok, right?

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone lol... But I don't know what that word moderation is ;)

  2. Ok, i am tech challenged... I made the comment about chocolate and couldn't figure out how to sign in to a goggle account! errr..... leaving comment on your page is different than I am use to ... but I am at

    1. I know, they all seem to be different on different sites... On this, there's an option "Name/URL" which I think is best for linking to your site :)

  3. I completely understand falling off the diet :( I've been making poor food choices recently as well. But stick with it! I enjoy reading about your progress :)

    1. Yeah, bad food just tastes too good.... Thank you, I'm nearly sticking to it at the minute, I hope your food choices get better soon, even though it's such a temptation... :)

  4. I love your blog, it's good to read about another runners experiences. I joined a running club in April and it was the best decision I made, they helped me get through the training for my first half marathon in Oct and also encouraged me to sign up for my first Marathon in April 2016. They make running more fun!

    I also love chocolate and can't live without it. I have a treat jar and allow myself 1 thing from it after each run. I could never give it up!

    1. Thank you so much :) Yeah, I went down to the club again tonight, really starting to love it already... I can't wait to start wearing the club vest.. What marathon are you doing?...

    2. I'm doing the Manchester marathon in April and then maybe Dublin in October, not sure if I can handle two marathons in one year though! I'll do the Cardiff half again in October next year.


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