Sunday, 3 January 2016

35 Running Goals For 2016

Happy New Year!!! I hope that you've recovered from Christmas, and are now ready to take on 2016. This is my first post of the year, so I'm going to have a quick review of the past 12 months, and I'm going to write down my goals for the upcoming year. I'm pleased to say that my running started today, so I guess it's only right that the first post should be today too.

2015 Running Review

2015 is sooooooo last year, so I'll keep this short and sweet.

This past year has seen a lot of very big changes in my personal life, which as you can imagine, affected my running and running goals. Last February I split with my girlfriend, and as we had been living together, I had to find somewhere else to live. I haven't written much about this as I don't think it's fair for me to share on here. I hope you understand..

However, this meant that I stayed in a few spare rooms for a while, before living with my Mum for nearly six months. In August I managed to find a house which I could afford and was suitable for my dog Sheldon, and after a lot of cleaning and getting used to it, I think I can now call it home. More importantly, Sheldon also feels at home here and he has plenty of areas that we can go for runs and walks nearby.

Sheldon (not on a lead) looking at this week's flooding. 

My running goals took a backseat for a while, although I nearly completed a 30 Day Running Streak and started to train for the Great North Run. Unfortunately I moved house just before the race, which meant that all my time, money and effort was put into that, and so I made the decision not to run the race.

Sheldon's walking park turned into a swimming pool this week. 

During my training I was able to get a new 5K PR (20 min 02 sec) and 10K PR (42 min 47 sec). After moving house I took a while to start running again, but Sheldon took me out for enough runs to still call myself a runner, and my new house is close to Craigavon Citypark Parkrun which is a free 5K race every Saturday.

So it's been a year of change, but I'm settled now and looking forward to making 2016 a very good year. Positive thoughts, positive thoughts...

35 Running Goals For 2016

Rather than giving up anything for New Year's, I've decided to stay positive and try to achieve a lot of running goals. Some are going to be tough, and some I should be able to conquer easily enough. Well, with a little bit of effort anyway. I've also done some in stages (like my weight and times), but I think this will make them more achievable.

Currently I weigh 204 lbs, I can run a 28 minute 5K but I would struggle to complete a 10K run. So I'm hoping I can start ticking these off one by one until I am an amazing runner. Well, one that would amaze me at the minute anyway. So here goes... This year I want to:

Get my weight under 200 lbs
Get my weight under 195 lbs
Get my weight under 190 lbs
Get my weight under 185 lbs
Get my weight under 180 lbs
Get my weight under 175 lbs
Get my weight under 170 lbs
Get my weight under 165 lbs
Get my weight under 160 lbs 

(Sorry about the repetition..)

Buy New Fitted Running Shoes
Buy New Fitted Trail Running Shoes
Buy a new Foam Roller
Run 5K In Under 22 Minutes 

(Here comes the repetition again...)

Run 5K In Under 21 Minutes
Run 5K In Under 20 Minutes
Run 5K In Under 19 Minutes
Run 5K In Under 18 Minutes

(And one last bit of repetition)

Run 10K In Under 45 Minutes
Run 10K In Under 42 Minutes
Run 10K In Under 40 Minutes
Run 10K In Under 39 Minutes

Run A Half Marathon In Under 1 Hour 30 Mins
Run A Half Marathon In Under 1 Hour 25 Mins

Go for an adventure run (I'll explain this in a few months)
Finish a race with a podium place
Win Prize money
Run the Dublin Rock N Roll Half Marathon
Travel to a European city for a race
Start having Meat Free Mondays
Run a trail half marathon race
Win a Parkrun race
Get some of the products I use to sponsor me
Run a marathon
Race for Banbridge Athletic Club
Run a Waggy Races race with Sheldon
Go 30 days without alcohol. 

I would also like to use capital letters properly, as well as learning to count. That is 36. Well, let's just make it 36, forget the title. There are 36 things I want to achieve this year, and as you can see they vary in difficulty.

But none are impossible. Tough, and will need a lot of dedication, but not impossible.

2016 - The Running So Far

My cousin was home for a few days from England, so this morning he came up to see my new house and we went for a slow 30 minute run. This was his first day of training for the London Marathon, but as he had knee surgery last year we were playing it safe. We ran along one of the towpaths and got to catch up a bit with how we are both getting on. The next run we have scheduled is the week before his race in April, so hopefully we will both be faster, stronger, lighter and fitter by then.

So tonight I'm going to cook some venison for dinner, make my (meat free) lunch for tomorrow and get my running gear laid out for another run tomorrow. I'm going to use this next week just to start getting back into the habit of running and some healthy living. I also need to start blogging with more frequency, so expect a few posts this week.

(If you want to subscribe to this blog to follow my progress, there should be a widget at the top right hand corner which you just type in your email address, and then click the link on the email that will be sent immediately to your inbox.)

I hope this year will be a good running...


How has you year been so far? Have you managed to keep all your resolutions?


  1. Hi James! I like your list. I wish I could make some time related goals for my running, but I feel like every time I try to push it, I end up injured, so that sucks. I'd love to get under 25:00 again for a 5K. And, I'm starting out my marathon training injured, so I guess that's not going so hot either! But, I did want to keep my regular training runs slower, so maybe that's working in my favor. haha I'm going to sign up for updates on your blog. Don't let me down :)

    1. Yeah, it's so easy to get injured when you start pushing it. And injuries really suck.I hope your injury doesn't last too long...

      Ha, I'll try not to let you down lol

  2. Wow, those are some crazy awesome goals! I'm impressed with your 5k pace already! I'm still trying to get under 30 minutes. I think the toughest goal would be no alcohol for 30 days! Haha!

    1. I think that's one of the toughest for me too, so I might leave that one for a month or two :)

  3. Very positive and achievable goals! I read the Waggy Races goal and decided that this year I will get my dog running with me. He's a big, stocky lad so will probably only do short runs with me but we'll give it a go!

    1. I'm sure he will love going out for runs with you.. I love running with my dog, it's like having a very quiet but eager running partner :)

  4. These are crazy bad ass goals!
    I can't wait to see how it goes.

    1. I tried to make both easy and hard goals. But now they all seem hard lol


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