Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Half Marathon Training Begins

On Sunday morning I decided to register for a half marathon with less than 9 weeks before the big day. Instantly I started to regret it, but it's done now and so the training has began. Sort of. I'm taking it pretty easy as I have been quite inactive this past while, and my fitness levels are extremely poor. My weight also continues to hover just under the 200 lbs mark, which is far too heavy for me.

Sunday Evening Run

This was after my realisation that nine weeks would fly by, so it was time to get out and get some training started. I drove to where I usually do my Saturday morning park run races and ran 3.1 miles. I set my pacer on my Garmin and tried to stay ahead of 8 minutes per mile. A few months ago I would have found this very easy, but at the minute it's a bit of a challenge.

I finished the 5K loop in 23 mins 54 sec which was a fastest time on my watch history ( I've only been using it since my Getting Ready To Run Again post). This was an average pace of 7 minutes 38 seconds per mile, which I was quite happy with. My final mile was the fastest too, so it's good to know there is still a bit left in the tank. I'd almost call this a tempo run as it was faster than I have ran in a while, so I'll try and knock a few seconds off for the next time.

And with that, training for my next half marathon has begun.

Meat Free Mondays

This was one of my 35 Running Goals For 2016, and this week I managed to stay away from all delicious meats for 24 hours. I'd forgotten about it the week before when I was at my Mum's house, and ate some chicken, so it was time to get back on the meat free wagon.

Stir Fry for breakfast

It felt like a bit of a cheat this week, in that I didn't really substitute meat with anything, I just left it out. I ate a stir-fry and egg breakfast (yes, you read that right... stir fried veg and egg at 6 am), had cheese sandwiches for lunch and made a vegetable and noodle stir-fry for dinner.

Meat Free Mondays
Meat Free Mondays continues with another stir fry. 

It was okay, but it was just basically a nice meal without the meat. Or as I would look at it, the best part was missing. I am glad I am continuing to make Monday's meat free though, as I think it's not only good for my health, the animals and the environment, but it's also a lot cheaper. And I don't need to worry about defrosting anything the night before.

Running My Long Run

Last night I felt ready to run again, and wanting to build up some much needed mileage, decided a long run was called for. Again, my fitness levels are dictating what a long run actually is, and this week I pushed myself with a slow 5 mile run.

It still gets dark here very early (about 5 pm), but I suppose that's better than a few weeks ago when it was dark shorty after 4 pm. It's pretty cold here too, with temperatures going below freezing at night (and guess who forgot to wear their gloves...).

I soon warmed up though, and managed to keep a steady pace thanks to my virtual pacer on my Garmin. I actually had to slow down a few times as I was running too fast, but I wanted to keep my running tidy and controlled for the duration of the 5 miles.

I ran 5 miles in 43.41 minutes, which translates to 8 minutes 43 seconds per mile. It did feel quite slow, and it's a lot slower than my target pace for the Larne Half Marathon, but it was good to run my longest distance of the year. I really need to get some miles under my belt.

I didn't do any stretching or foam rolling afterwards, but my legs haven't been feeling too bad today. Maybe the nice chocolate protein drink afterwards helped.

So tonight I'm taking things easy and catching up with some blogging, emails and some much needed housework. I really need to start working on time management at the minute as I seem to run out of time to get everything done. And I still don't get to bed before it's way too late.

Oh, before I go I will post a random picture I took of some geese flying overhead. Well, I think they're geese. feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. They flew over my Mum's house while I was out sorting her garage.

Wild Geese

I hope your week is going well so far,


How far is your "long run" at the minute? How is your training going so far this week?


  1. i'm excited for you to start training again! how awesome to have that to look forward to. Well, your 5 km time still beats mine (and i like to think im the fastest person ever), sooo nicely done ;)

    1. Thanks! It's good to be back training with a bit of a goal.

      Don't let the 5K times fool you. I reckon when it comes to the gym you'd show me who's boss lol :)

  2. I'm looking forward to a couple of fun 5ks this spring mixed in with my marathon training. Nice way to pick up some speed. Happy training to you!

    1. Thank you! Yeah 5K's are a brilliant way to build up speed. They're good that you don't need too long to recover from them, but they can really help with speed over longer distances. :)

  3. Good man James, I'm going to do Larne Half too. Just finishing my strength block this week before moving on to some more focused speed endurance sessions! Keep at it sir! :)

  4. Good man James, I'm going to give Larne half a bash myself. Just finishing my strength block this week, there have been several hill sessions over the past few weeks! Moving on to some more focused speed endurance work now for the new 6 weeks or so. Will hopefully get a couple of 5mile or 10K races in too before Larne. Keep at it sir. :)

    1. Thanks mate, it sounds like you will be well prepared for it. I'm going to try and get a few parkruns done and possibly a 10K at some point. I'm looking forward to it. What time are you hoping for?


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