Friday, 15 January 2016

My Week Off Hasn't Been A week Off. And A Little Bit Of Running.

I've been off work all this week on holidays, and the original plan was to get a big "To Do" list all ticked off, help my Mum a bit, have a few friends over for dinner and start back running and blogging. It has not gone to plan.

I went to my Mum's house to help her get ready to move, but I ended up staying there for three days. She is partially sighted and is very nearly blind, so I spent most of this time double checking everything she was throwing out, just to make sure there was nothing valuable or important. After this, I spent an afternoon burning documents and papers. It's been pretty cold here recently, so it wasn't much fun. My hands turned yellow from the smoke and flames.

My Mum's garage. Still to be sorted, emptied and cleaned.

They say moving house is one of the most stressful times, but the deal on the house she had intended to buy fell through, meaning that of next Friday she won't have anywhere to live. So she is busy trying to find somewhere to rent until she buys another house. It's been stressful for her to say the least.

Alex and Sheldon tugging on a toy bone. 

Sheldon on the other hand has been having lots of fun. He got to spend three days with my Mum's Guide Dog, and the two of them love playing together. It was the first time in a while that Sheldon has been tired at the end of the day. By 7 pm he and Alex were conked out in front of the fire. He feels very much at home in her house, so it will be sad that the two of them won't have that house to play in anymore.

Resting after a hard day. 

Running A Race That Wasn't A Race

On Wednesday I got to take a break from house moving and took my new running shoes for another test run. I drove to where I usually run at my Parkrun races, and did the 5K loop on my own. It was strange being there with no other runners warming up and stretching in the car park.

I am loving my new Garmin watch, and the pacer option was able to keep me around the 8 minutes 30 second per mile pace. However, one thing I do miss when using a GPS watch is that I don't have my camera with me as I would when using my phone with Runkeeper. It would have been nice to post some pictures of where I usually do my Saturday morning races.

I bought some Asics Gel Nimbus 17 running shoes last week (you can read about them in Analysing My Running Gait And Buying New Running Shoes post) and again they were nice to run in. I did have a bit of calf muscle pain during the run, so they haven't quite cured that, but it wasn't too bad. The route was covered in ice, so there were a few places I had to walk as I didn't want to go head over heels.

I finished the loop in just over 26 minutes, but it was very strange going round the final corner and not having volunteers and fellow runners cheering me on. It was just a car park. An empty car park. I could take this as my first Parkrun race win??

Eating Like A King

The past two nights I have had my friends over for dinner at my house. There are a group of six of us that have been friends for most of my adult life, so it was good to spend some time catching up with them. Unfortunately, my house doesn't have either enough seats or eating utensils to host a party of six, so I had two over on Wednesday night and three over last night. Again Sheldon loved having some company, and getting attention for most of the night.

Tapas.... Pulled pork, Spinach, Chorizo, Potatoes and Meatballs. 

I cooked Spanish Tapas for night #1, and then last night I made three courses with salmon and prawns starter, a roast beef main course and cheesecake for pudding (I forgot to take pictures..). My diet has taken a bit of a hit, and I haven't lost any weight at all this week. However, I have managed to stay away from chocolate, and haven't really had many cravings for it.

I'm hoping to get out for a run later, but I'm also trying to get a lot of things ticked off my "To Do" list. It's amazing how quickly a week off work goes by. Hopefully I will get Sunday to relax and take it easy. I might even get a run and some blogging done too...


What's your favourite dish to cook at dinner parties? Any recipe ideas?


  1. Sorry to hear about your mom :( Hope that she finds a new place really soon! It's so nice of you to help her out, because that doesn't seem like any fun at all. I had to help my fiance's family clean out their storage space and move it to their new house, and that was hard work! So much lifting and cleaning....

    1. Yeah, hopefully it will all work out okay. Heading over in the morning so maybe she'll have some good news about a house.. :) At least Sheldon will have a good day :)

  2. I actually don't attend a lot of dinner parties but I make a cream of red peas soup that's really good as a starter :)

    1. I've just googled red peas soup, it looks lovely, I think I would enjoy that. I've just saved a recipe on Pinterest to try sometime, thanks for the tip.. :)

  3. I hope things get sorted for your we get a tasted of how much they must worry about us and it is NOT fun!

    I love to make a lasagna for a larger dinner party, or go homey comfort food-y with red beans and rice - one of my absolute faves from growing up!!

    1. Lasagna is always a winner at dinner parties... Plus once it's in the oven you can relax and start having drinks :)

  4. I wear the same type of running shoes!!!!! I do love them so I hope you do as well. :) Usually when I go to a party that involves eating it's usually finger foods so I usually make a mexican dip or mango salsa. :)

    1. So far I love them... I guess I just need to start getting some mileage done in them... :)


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