Integrity Promise

In some of my posts I will mention products that I have used, am considering using or will not use. I will on occasion provide a link to an external website where you can buy the product. I get paid a percentage for some of these or sometimes will have been given a sample to review.

However, I want to keep the integrity of Half Marathon James as a website, so I will only recommend something that I have used and will either continue to do so, or have found to been very beneficial when I have needed to use it.

I will not provide links to products I do not think are of good value and quality, or that aren't going to be of some benefit to my readers.

The primary aim is to provide a quality website, not to bombard you with spam and products that I would not buy, or use myself. So even if I have been given something for free or am able to make money, I will not recommend it or provide a link if I don't think it is quality and worth telling you about.

I want this website to be as honest as I can make it.

Half Marathon James

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