Running Kit

What I currently use to help me run a half marathon in under 1 hour 25 minutes 

You don't need a lot of kit to start running, but I think all these help me. For me it's about getting as much quality for as little spending as possible. I have put a few Amazon links here too. It's where I get most of my gear, and I find it to be inexpensive, compared with actual shops.

Running Jacket - I wear a Karrimor Mens Xlite Lightweight Jacket  which is extremely lightweight and makes running in cold, wet or windy weather much more enjoyable. It has plenty of zip pockets and it's bright green colour makes me visible during runs along the road. It could maybe do with a few more reflective strips and it isn't completely waterproof, but for the low price (£17 through the above link) it is definitely a good purchase.


wireless bluetooth headset headphones for running
No leads anywhere...

I love these.. Wireless headphones are so good when running. No messing about with leads or jacks, I just turn on my Bluetooth and I'm good to go. The sound off these are surprisingly good for the price I paid (£17.66 inc. postage) and the fit is good. I actually have mine turned down as it can be quite loud at times. I wish I had thought of these years ago as it makes my runs so much more enjoyable. I got mine at Amazon at this link....   Buy Headphones

Running T Shirts

Leukaemia Research Training Top
I wear a medium fit, if you must know... 

I always wear proper running tops. You can either buy them, or run in any decent half marathon or race to get one. Some of mine I also got from running for charity.

My most used T shirt is one that I wore during my first Great North Run, a bright yellow shirt that I got for running to raise money for Leukemia. It is very comfortable and can be seen easily by oncoming or passing traffic. If you are doing a race, raise some money for Leukaemia Research and you should get one free.

Running Gels 

High5 Marathon Pack
Quite an energy boost here... 
The picture above shows the contents of a marathon pack from High5 which can be bought at Amazon here...   High 5 Sports Nutrition Marathon Race Pack Mix
I've used these in several races and get them for my long runs during training. I would advise using them on runs that take an hour or longer, but they aren't really needed for short runs. They give a very fast acting boost of energy when it is needed, and they are gentle on my stomach too. Unlike some other gels. For a more detailed review, have a look at Half Marathon Distance Achieved.

Running Shorts

I actually do wear running shorts when I can. I probably don't look too good in them as my legs aren't model material, unless your thing is pasty white and chunky. They do however give me a bit more freedom of movement I find, so I would recommend them. I wear Mizuno shorts at the minute, but I will invest in a new pair soon as I want a pair with a zip pocket. Something big enough for my car keys and a few coins, I'll let you know when I find them.


I've been using RunKeeper for over a year now. It's a free ap for your smartphone which tracks your runs using GPS. It allows you to still listen to your music, but drops the sound every five minutes (this can be changed) to tell you how far you've run and how fast you are running. I love my statistics, so for me this is perfect. And also free.


I have been using this for years. It basically boosts your immune system and helps you stop getting colds and flu etc. I take it twice a day (when I remember) and maybe 3 times a day closer to a race. It's recommended you take a week long break around every 6 weeks. I always take the drops which you can get at Amazon here...  A Vogel Echinaforce Echinacea Drops 100ml

Running Books 

Meb For Mortals - Meb Keflezighi
The winner of the 2014 Boston Marathon, Meb Keflezighi shares his training techniques and how he approaches every aspect of running. A goldmine of information, I have learned a lot from this book.
I got mine at Amazon UK - Meb for Mortals

Running With The Kenyans 
This, is a brilliant book.
Adharanand Finn decides to take himself and his family to live in Kenya for six months to try and find what makes the Kenyans so fast at running. The food, climate, altitude or even running barefoot? An amazing book that actually makes you want to get up and run. Even if you're not much of a runner, it's a great read just for the experiences he shares of moving to a different country and way of life. Get it on Amazon here ...Running with the Kenyans: Discovering the secrets of the fastest people on earth

Running Across Countries - A blog-like written book, following Russell Secker's attempt at the Trans Europe Footrace. It is an honest account of his journey over 64 consecutive days through one of the toughest races imaginable. Fortunately, it's a lot easier to race than actually run this immense challenge. I got my copy on Amazon, at Running Across Countries by Russell Secker


Seriously, buy some of this. Before long runs I put it everywhere that will have friction between my skin and clothes. Chest and inner thighs always get some, because without it, things can hurt. Essential stuff this...

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